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Role Of A Nurse Practitioner

One of the most important resources you’ll have in the fight against Kidney Disease is a Nurse Practitioner. These registered nurses are experienced and ready to help you throughout your kidney treatment journey. From the moment you are diagnosed to planning out your treatment plan and future kidney maintenance needs, you’ll be working side by side with a Nurse Practitioner.

Male doctor using a laptop, sitting at his desk


Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have advanced training in diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses. Unlike regular Nurses, Nurse Practitioners have the ability to also prescribe medications. While you generally only see your physician for an annual check-up or follow-up appointments, you’ll be working closely with your Nurse Practitioner to find a treatment path that works best for you and your individual needs.

These highly qualified and experienced healthcare workers will help you find the right balance to help with prevention, wellness, and education while working in tandem with your physician. And when it comes to Kidney Disease and treating it, you’ll be working with a specialized Nurse Practitioner who has experience in the field and can help guide you throughout your individual treatment journey.


Yes, Nurse Practitioners are essential to your kidney treatment in part to their ability to prescribe medication. These nurses have gone through rigorous training and passed a special education program that grants them a national certification that enables them to prescribe the required medication to patients.


Since all patients are different and require different prescriptions, Nurse Practitioners work together with you and your doctor to review your individual medication dosing and interval needs. They will constantly review any and all possible allergies, medication history, and side effects with a patient in order to customize your experience throughout your kidney treatment process.

Whether you were recently diagnosed with kidney disease, are in the early stages of kidney treatment, or recently had a transplant; Nurse Practitioners are here to help. Throughout your kidney disease journey, different medication is needed to help ensure your best possible day-to-day life.


At Midwest Nephrology, our dedicated team of providers and certified staff are ready to assist you in diagnosing and treating your kidney concerns. Contact Midwest Nephrology if you have any questions or are looking for a consultation today.

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