The Midwest Nephrology Associates offer a range of specialties to our patients. Kidney disease affects one in four Americans, if you are affected, allow the experienced experts at Midwest Nephrology Associates to assist you.

We are proud to be one of the largest nephrology groups in Wisconsin. Whether you need guidance on kidney disease, have inquiries about kidney transplants, would like to know more about dialysis, or are seeking dialysis, the renowned team at Midwest Nephrology is eager to help.


If you or a loved one suffer from kidney disease, the team at Midwest Nephrology is here to help. Our team will work together and alongside each patient to ensure they get the proper treatment for their condition.

The Physicians at Midwest Nephrology can provide care and guidance to patients with chronic kidney disease. Our team strives to provide individualized and thorough care to each of our patients, always considering the condition and individual. Additionally, Midwest Nephrology offers learning materials to better help you understand each condition.



Midwest Nephrology understands that dialysis treatment can be an intimidating change in your life. Our highly educated, certified staff is here to make sure your transition into dialysis treatment is as painless and smooth as possible,

When your kidneys are incapable of removing waste products and extra fluid from your blood, dialysis is administered as treatment. Dialysis treatment can help you continue to enjoy the things that you love. Before treatment, our doctors will always consider individual needs and discuss treatment options with our patients.



Dialysis access can be complicated, Midwest Nephrology strives to make the transition into treatment less complicated. Our highly educated, specialized team will discuss the treatment process and answer any questions you have before treatment. We will also provide a variety of resources to aid you in making dialysis as painless as possible.

Midwest Nephrology Vascular Access Center is a specialized center that focuses on the administration and care of our dialysis patients. When you first arrive at the Center, you will be greeted by a Midwest Nephrology receptionist, and then members of your dialysis healthcare team, during the treatment process there will be someone available to assist you or answer any questions.



Undergoing a kidney transplant can be challenging, at Midwest Nephrology, we understand the challenges it poses and we aim to make the procedure a comfortable experience for each patient.

A kidney transplant can be a life-changing procedure for many patients. At Midwest Nephrology, we have three transplant nephrologists with expertise in kidney and liver transplants, who are committed to offering exceptional, personalized treatments to our transplant patients.



Get the care you deserve at Midwest Nephrology Associates. Contact any of our locations to make an appointment, find directions, or ask a question, our team is ready to assist you. We have been serving the greater Southeastern Wisconsin area since 1989 and are equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, convenient locations, and the finest physicians.


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