If you or a loved one suffer from kidney disease, the team at Midwest Nephrology is here to help. Our team will work together and alongside each patient to ensure they get the proper treatment for their condition.

Kidney Disease Treatment in Milwaukee, WI

The Physicians at Midwest Nephrology can provide care and guidance to patients with chronic kidney disease. Our team strives to provide individualized and thorough care to each of our patients, always considering the condition and individual. Additionally, Midwest Nephrology offers learning materials to better help you understand each condition.

Local Nephrologists Specializing in Kidney Disease

We provide care and guidance for patients with kidney disease including but are not limited to Chronic Kidney Disease. Midwest Nephrology is among the longest operating and largest nephrology groups in Wisconsin. Our providers understand that every patient is different and strive to provide the best possible care for the medical condition and individual.

As many kidney diseases are long-term, if you understand the condition better it makes a more cohesive team. Some resources that you may find very helpful are listed below. If you need more information about your condition, ask us during your appointment.

Fresenius Healthcare: Information is available for patients with CKD on topics such as staying healthy. There is also information for patients who will be starting dialysis including the various treatment options.

Kidney Disease Resources

Kidney School: This is a series of 16 different learning modules which you can view online, print, or listen to as an audiobook. Some of the topics include coping with CKD, understanding lab tests, and diet information complete with meal plans and recipes.

A Nephrologist specializes in kidney disease. Find out more about the five stages of kidney disease.


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