Graphic showing a woman taking notes and a doctor with a magnifying glass looking at a focused version of the kidney

Common Kidney Health Myths


Common Kidney Health Myths

The kidneys are vital organs that play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. However, several misconceptions surrounding kidney health need to be addressed. In this blog post, we'll debunk common kidney health myths and provide accurate information to help you better understand your kidney health.

At Midwest Nephrology, our team of experienced nephrologists is committed to providing comprehensive care and education to support your kidney health journey. Whether you have questions about kidney health myths or need guidance on managing kidney disease, we're here to help.

Graphic showing a woman taking notes and a doctor with a magnifying glass looking at a focused version of the kidney

Myth 1: Kidney Disease Always Comes with Back or Side Pain

Reality: While kidney infections, stones, or cysts can cause severe discomfort, kidney disease often progresses silently, with no noticeable symptoms in the early stages. Regular check-ups and kidney function tests are crucial for early detection.

Myth 2: Alcohol Causes Kidney Disease

Reality: While heavy drinking can harm the kidneys over time, kidney disease is typically caused by factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, and genetic predisposition. Moderate alcohol consumption, in the absence of these risk factors, is unlikely to lead to kidney disease.

Myth 3: You Need to Drink 8 Full Glasses of Water to Flush Your Kidneys Daily

Reality: While staying hydrated is essential, your water needs vary depending on age, activity level, and climate. Listen to your body and drink when thirsty, avoiding overhydration, which can strain the kidneys.

Myth 4: Frequent Urination Is a Sign of Healthy Kidneys

Reality: Frequent urination can indicate various health issues, including diabetes and urinary tract infections. Diseased kidneys may produce large amounts of urine while not removing waste products, leading to frequent urination and increased thirst.

Myth 5: Chronic Kidney Disease Is Uncommon

Reality: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is prevalent, affecting millions worldwide. Regular health check-ups can help identify CKD in its early stages when interventions are most effective, especially for those with risk factors like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Myth 6: You Will Know If You Have Kidney Disease

Reality: Kidney disease often progresses silently, with no symptoms until advanced stages. Regular kidney function tests are essential for early detection and treatment, especially for those with risk factors or a family history of kidney disease.

Myth 7: Dialysis Is the Only Treatment for Kidney Disease

Reality: While dialysis is vital for severe kidney failure, kidney disease can often be managed through medication, dietary changes, and lifestyle adjustments in its earlier stages. Kidney transplantation is another option for those with end-stage kidney disease.

Myth 8: Chronic Kidney Disease Is Genetic and Cannot Be Prevented

Reality: While genetics can affect kidney disease risk, lifestyle factors significantly impact kidney health. Taking proactive steps like maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing CKD or slow its progression.

Myth 9: People With One Kidney Cannot Participate In Physical Activity

Reality: Physical exercise is encouraged for individuals with one kidney as it promotes overall health. However, some contact sports that may pose a risk of injury to the remaining kidney should be avoided.

Myth 10: People With One Kidney Can't Have Children

Reality: Despite requiring closer monitoring, individuals with one kidney can safely conceive and have children. It's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

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