Taking Care of Your Kidneys

*Disclaimer: This blog post is designed to be an informative resource regarding the topic of kidney health with resource information for kidney education. Each person and patient are different, please talk with your doctor regarding the right treatment plan for you and any kidney health questions you might have.


Health and Wellness Program: Heart Your Kidneys - National Kidney Foundation Wisconsin

The National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin is committed to improving the overall health of Wisconsin families. As part of this commitment, the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin not only educates and supports awareness and prevention of chronic kidney disease and all organ transplantation but also of diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes and high blood pressure are major contributors to the development of chronic kidney disease. In order to increase awareness and prevention, the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin provides programs and resources on health and wellness in three venues.

  • Guest speaker programs on a variety of related topics offered simultaneously as a live-streamed online webinar and as a face to face live program.
  • Development of company-specific wellness presentations and resource materials for corporate wellness planning.
  • Informational exhibits on a wide range of topics that can be developed for health fairs, company conferences or an organization’s meeting.


The Kidneys job is to filter waste products, excess water, and other impurities from your blood, along with regulating pH, salt, and potassium levels in your body. They also produce hormones that regulate blood pressure and control the production of red blood cells.

The National Kidney Foundation’s most direct way of fighting kidney disease is its KEEP HEALTHY program. The program involves organizing screenings in local communities throughout Wisconsin that provide various simple tests to help with spotting early kidney problems. The screenings also offer opportunities to discuss the risk factors of kidney disease and to talk to various medical professionals about questions attendees might have related to the kidneys.

Upcoming Screening Saturday, May 16, 2020 in Waukesha, registration will open in April, 2020.


Regular exercise and a healthy diet, together these can lower the risk of chronic kidney disease. In tandem, they can help reduce your blood pressure and help start healthy habits.

Control your blood sugar and monitor your blood pressure, kidneys are forced to work extra hard to filter your blood when your blood sugars and pressure are high and controlling your levels can reduce the risk of damaging your kidneys. If your blood pressure readings are consistently above 140/90, you may have high blood pressure. You should talk with your doctor about monitoring about making changes to your lifestyle, and possibly taking medication.

Drink plenty of fluids, water helps clear sodium and toxins from your kidneys and lowers your risk of chronic kidney disease.

Stop bad habits, smoking, unhealthy levels of alcohol, poor diets, and other lifestyle choices that can lead to future kidney problems. Stopping these habits can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk for cancer, and help your body operate at an optimal level for long term benefits.

Lastly, talk to your doctor, it’s important to know your body and your family’s history of kidney disease. Doing so can help you and your doctor create the best possible plan to keep your kidney healthy and reduce the risk of potential kidney disease.

Things to go over with your doctor include:

  • Over-the-counter that may be causing your kidney harm.
  • Getting tested if you’re at high risk and going over family history.
  • Potential lifestyle changes needed to maintain long term health benefits.

At Midwest Nephrology Associates we have been serving the greater Southeastern Wisconsin area since 1989. We have a distinct commitment to serve the community and its people with the most up to date facilities convenient locations and with the finest physicians. We provide care and guidance for patients with kidney disease including but are not limited to Chronic Kidney Disease. So contact us today, our team of specialized kidney doctors are ready to help you live a healthy and comfortable life from any of our clinics across Milwaukee, Waukesha and all of Southeast Wisconsin.


Have any questions or concerns? Our dedicated team of physicians and certified staff are here to help answer all your questions and can help set up an appointment for you or a loved one. Contact Midwest Nephrology Associates for more information on Kidney Cancer and for help finding a treatment that works best for you.

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