Research in Kidney Health and Disease

Get up to date on all the latest research, discoveries, and treatments for Kidney Disease. See how research in kidney health and disease has continued to push forward and all the great innovation coming soon. Currently, there are several promising new studies and breakthroughs that include:

  • A diabetes study that finds new treatment targets to help prevent chronic kidney disease.
  • A gene therapy method developed to target damaged kidney cells.
  • New drug development to help lower glucose levels and protect against kidney failure.


A diabetes study has found a new treatment to target and prevent chronic kidney disease. From a leading team of diabetes researchers, a discovery found an innovative way to target problematic protein, helping not just prevent kidney damage but also significantly slowing the diseases’ progression. The findings from the University of Lincoln led by Dr. Claire Hills from Lincoln's School of Life Sciences, the research explores a key cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

"Recent studies have linked certain forms of kidney disease to proteins called connexins, which normally help to facilitate communication between kidney cells. If these connexins fail, signaling molecules spill into the organ and set off a chain of events that can ultimately lead to kidney failure. One connexin—called Cx43—actually makes the whole situation worse, so our new research set out to effectively block Cx43," said Dr. Hill. "By providing insight into the initiating trigger for early injury in chronic kidney disease, we expose the tantalizing prospect that by altering the tone of conversation between cells we could prevent kidney damage and slow disease progression." Source


From Washington University in St. Louis, a new gene therapy method has been making headlines due to its ability to target damaged kidney cells. This research has proven in mice, that genetic material can be delivered to damaged cells in the kidneys. Why is that important? This new research will greatly help in the development of new gene therapy treatments, which in turn can be used to treat chronic kidney disease. Source


Published in the New England Journal of Medicine by the University of Oxford. A new drug called “Canagliflozin” was recently developed to help lower glucose levels for people with diabetes. Recent studies have shown the drug to not only protect against kidney failure but also reduce heart failure by over 30% and major cardiovascular events by around 20%. For more information, you can check out the source link and contact us at Midwest Nephrology for more information. Source


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