Kidney Treatment Team

Get to know your kidney treatment team, learn the important role your dialysis nurse will play in your dialysis treatment. So what is a dialysis nurse? A dialysis nurse is also known as a nephrology nurse, which in layman's terms the word nephrology means “relating to the kidneys.” Nephrology nurses are nurses specially trained and educated to care for patients with kidney disease. These specialty nurses are responsible for supervising your individual dialysis treatments and a host of other responsibilities to ensure maximum comfort and confidence. Beyond just being caregivers, these nurses are also advocater, educators, facilitators, and mentors to you throughout your dialysis treatment journey.

Dialysis Nurse Responsibilities include:

  • Checking and recording your vitals throughout your dialysis treatment.
  • Ensuring your dialysis treatments are administered correctly.
  • Teaching you and your family members how to operate home dialysis machines for home dialysis therapy.
  • Educating you and your loved ones on your dialysis treatment options, kidney disease management, diet and exercise regimens.

Overall your Nephrology nurses are there to make your dialysis treatments as seamless and comfortable as possible. Giving you peace of mind and confidence every time you go through dialysis. If you have any more questions or concerns about your up-and-coming dialysis treatment, contact Midwest Nephrology today. We know dialysis can be confusing and we’re here to help. We have been serving the greater Southeastern Wisconsin area since 1989 and have a distinct commitment to serve the community and its people with the most up to date facilities, convenient locations, and with the finest physicians. We provide care and guidance for patients with kidney disease including but are not limited to Chronic Kidney Disease. So contact us today, our team of specialized kidney doctors are ready to help you live a healthy and comfortable life from any of our clinics across Milwaukee, Waukesha and all of Southeast Wisconsin.


Have any questions or concerns? Our dedicated team of physicians and certified staff are here to help answer all your questions and can help set up an appointment for you or a loved one. Contact Midwest Nephrology Associates for more information on Kidney Cancer and for help finding a treatment that works best for you.

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